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What to do after your massage? Post massage homework!

Here are some helpful tips that'll help you stay in a relaxed mode long after your massage session.

A really good massage does wonders for your body however, what you do after your massage really matters the most in making the effects of the massage last much longer. After a massage make sure that you are getting enough water to hydrate yourself and your muscles. When your muscles stay tight for a long period of time, they tend to lose hydration and oxygen. Often times when someone receives a massage for the first time, they feel a little light headed and dizzy, that is caused by the body adjusting to the new amount of oxygen needed to replenish those old dehydrated muscles. Water is a quick way to oxygenate and hydrate those muscles.

Now let’s talk a little about soreness!

Soreness after a deep tissue or deeper pressure massage can last for up to three days. To help mitigate some of that soreness you need to, once again, DRINK WATER! As well as a nice hot bath with Epsom salt or a hot shower. Lastly, stretching will also help with soreness and keep your muscles relaxed longer.

In conclusion, water, hot bath with Epsom salt or hot shower, and stretching are all great ways to enhance the effects of your massage treatments!

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